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Trollian's current worst user[]

"#LifeWithDementia" - fishgrips

Bevvy Fishgrips (here) is a fucking mess of a user, often awake at horrendous hours posting about god knows what. Once thought it'd be 'cool' to revive the Trollian wikia.

Bevvy is a reluctant void player, mixed with Page. Bevvy's extended zodiac has been tried time and time again, the result finale being Gemittanius, Sign of the Shipwright

Oddly secretive but no one seems to notice, but if anyone did she'd probably have to kill that person.

From the USA, Pennsylvania Dutch and Italian blooded

Charlemagne's 38th great-grandson

Probably some kind of secret society member

HAD a bot that posts using tweets (here), including posts such as

  • "i have taken out my inner jort energy"

It has since kicked the fucking bucket

Fishgrips post.png

User Testimonials[]

  • "smells like playdough fresh from the mixer" - Connie
  • "four be like *SCREEEEEEEEEEEEE*" - Unknown, probably Egg
  • "never post again" - Holly
  • "WHAT THE FUCK." - Cal
  • ":33 < 'nepnep why did you call him fishgrips if you know his name' shut up" - nepnep
  • "question 1: how strong are your bones" - Holly


  • fishgrips is a pun on Death Grips, made due to the account originally being used as a Condesce roleplaying account. but this doesn't matter because she doesn't have this anymore it's caliborn now
  • Very Sad
  • Currently ██ years old
  • Before Death Grips, there were lodes of emone

e-boy Jack Noir, fishgrip's own abomination


Harry Enfield - Loadsamoney (Doin' Up the House)

fishgrip's favorite video on Youtube