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Scotty "Bitch Boy" Lastname, also known as @khajiit on is a hopeless homosexual from the funny homestuck mastodon instance. He is constantly having kinshifts, so good luck recognizing who he is if you identify people by their icons.

He joined Trollian shortly after whatever the fuck happened on Berries, and now spends his days yearning and bullying Nova.

Currently, he is in a Toki Wartooth kinshift, and yes, it is going in your cringe compilation.

Obliterate This Twink[]


Toki Wartooth-fuck

share if you don't think

make fun of me here, thx :3c


  • Used to be @princessluigi on Berries before it was shut down.
  • Usually has between 15 - 30 kins at any given time.
  • Has also themed his profile after Stocking Anarchy, Otacon, Beetlejuice and Adora in the past.
  • Only knows about Homestuck because he saw an Eridan cosplayer in a McDonald's when he was 7.
  • Is gay.