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Kinlist uwu[]

  • Vriska Serket
  • 6(9 movie, 2009)
  • Link, specifically Wild from something similar to the Linked Universe AU
  • Amphitre(dragon with wings but no other limbs)
  • Fox
  • The Knight | Little Ghost from Hollow Knight (Player Character)

The Brain[]

Egg is the primary facet of a median system, where, rather than having more than one distinct personality (as in a multiple system), there are different parts of the person that come into focus at different times. Because of the more fluid nature of their system, they have trouble discerning what is a facet and what is a kin. Currently, the only facet they're sure of is Ash Ketchum, you know, from Pokémon.

Egg is autistic, and has anxiety and ADHD as well. These make for a stressful combination.

They were brought up Mormon, and as such get a bit freaked out by organized religion.

Comments from Other Users[]

is soft and nice