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Trollian user @stardom, commonly known as Nikita or Star, is among the older members of the instance, having joined around the time of the Tumblr Mass Exodus of 2018.

If you must fullname him, refer to him as Nikita Zagrożenie. Yes, he knows what it means.

По себе[]

Nikita is friendly upon introduction, but has a more sarcastic sense of humour than some people may like. Despite such friendly demeanor, he does get a bit uneasy and hostile around newcomers and people he doesn't like.

Like many Trollian users, Nikita is interested in languages. He can speak English, French, and Russian, however his comprehension and fluency fluctuates often. He is a reliable translator, but may be hard to converse with.

Nikita has become a nocturn over the years, though one wrong move and his sleep schedule is suddenly ruined. He uses this newfound free time, however, to work on actual required work, his hobbies, or just to relax. This free time also allows him to sleep just a bit longer if he wishes, though he usually ends up passing out the moment the sun rises, regardless.

Music Collection + Other Interests[]

Since 2019, Nikita has been searching the internet for (mostly) obscure and/or forgotten music. This search was accelerated in August of 2020 when Nikita managed to find the entire discography of a completely forgotten artist, and he has been motivated to continue this search for other bands he hadn't even considered in the past because of it. He likely won't shut up about it, even if unprompted. Since his accelerated search began, his collection has grown from around 97 songs to upwards of the 2000s. He's also managed to score physical copies of cassettes he'd been coveting for what felt like years.

Robotic Children[]

Nikita has been maintaining two bots on Trollian—both post music by YouTube link, generally with a little information (such as song name, country, year).


Yakov Nikitich, better known as Yashka, is the first of these two bots. Yashka is designed specifically to post music from Nikita's organized music collection, ROBOTHEQUE. Yashka gets updated whenever a volume of his collection is finished (roughly 50 songs), but these updates often break him. Fortunately, these updates are less likely to happen, as ROBOTHEQUE has been discontinued in favour of other music endeavours. Yashka was depreciated between 28 and 29 November 2020—however, at least one more update is possible, adding the missing Oldies section of songs. As of now, Yashka has 150 songs in his library, and appears to have favourites. Find Yashka here.


Svetlana Nikitichna, or Sveta, is the second bot. Sveta is designed very similarly to Yashka, but posts any music that is submitted to her instead. She has a submission form that is rarely used. This is probably lucky for her, meaning that her updates are much less frequent. However, due to so many songs from Nikita's collection now being outside of ROBOTHEQUE, she might get a little more attention than her brother. As of now, Sveta has 37 songs. Find Sveta here.

When Trollian's database was wiped, Yashka and Sveta were taken along with it. Nikita has restored the both of them, though appears to be as inconsistent with updating them as usual.

Mega Man & Other Retro Games[]

Mega Man has been one of Nikita's interests since the dawn of time, however this didn't affect how he acted on Trollian until mid-2019. On his Neocities webpage, he has documented how many times he has played each game, and his favourites and least favourites among the series. His favourite installation appears to be the first game, but he'd never tell you that.

Aside just Mega Man, Nikita is also interested in Super Ghouls 'N' Ghosts, Castlevania, and the history of retro games as a whole. He's not super knowledgeable, but he does like to learn and discuss it. He's played Super Ghouls 'N' Ghosts to completion (with copious rewind abuse), though has never completed a single Castlevania game. He is also quite interested in the PC-98 era of Touhou (also including EoSD). He used to play JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Heritage for the Future quite often, but is out of practice. He mained Kakyoin.

Other Interests[]

Nikita reads/has read JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Lupin III, Cowboy Bebop, and Speed Racer, among other things. He's willing to discuss these, but as a manga-only, he may not understand some references. The biggest offender of this is Cowboy Bebop, which was actually an anime first. Out of all manga, his current interests seem to shift more towards JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Yu-Gi-Oh, and Magic Knight Rayearth. He generally does not take suggestions on what to read and is very selective on what he gets into.

Nikita's drive for language, music, and the like all come from a wanting to understand himself. As the majority of family members he'd like to meet are six feet under and a mile away, he can only rely on history. That being said, he is interested in Eastern European history especially, along with stupid petty historical events that serve as something to make fun of in retrospect.


With Nikita's language knowledge, he has managed to create a typing quirk that annoys everyone around him. There are multiple rules to said quirk. Here is a quick rundown:

  • "B" - replaced with Russian Б.
  • "DGE", "DJ" - replaced with Polish DŻ and Balkan Đ, respectively.
  • "E", "EE" - replaced with Russian Э and Turkic İ, respectively.
  • "Gh" - replaced with Turkic Ğ.
  • "i" - replaced with Turkic ı, but only sometimes.
  • "L" - replaced with ⅃, as a joke on which hand he uses for ASL.
  • "Ph" - replaced with Russian Ф.
  • "Q" - replaced with Kazakh Қ.
  • "Sh", "Shch" - replaced with Balkan Š and ŠČ, respectively.
  • "Tch" - replaced with Polish Ć.
  • "V" - replaced with Russian В.
  • "Z", "Zh" - replaced with Russian З and Polish Ż, respectively.

Sometimes Nikita just posts in Russian to fuck with everyone. There are certain words that are completely fucked over by this quirk, and a few letters have been known to make their way into keysmashes. Nikita believes this is part of its charm. I, also Nikita, do not.

Contributions/Bragging Rights[]

While Nikita is a regular user, he's done a bit for the site as a whole. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Hungee bongee chicken nongee
  • Designing a New Alternian font for the website
  • Having a very frustrating (if not hard to read) quirk

He is eager to contribute to the site.


  • Despite common belief, Nikita does not live in Russia.
  • Nikita is fascinated with the TV schedule of Cartoon Network/Adult Swim and will not shut up about it if it is brought up.
  • Nikita used to know Mark Zuckerberg.
  • Nikita is somewhat skilled with the VOCALOID singing synthesizer.
  • One of Nikita's favourite television shows to make fun of is the Ruby-Spears Mega Man series, which he has watched the entirety of.
  • Nikita's favourite post in all of Trollian is the Wily Bong Post, which was reposted post-scratch. (A screenshot of the original is somewhere.)
  • Nikita makes AMVs in his free time.
  • Nikita has a rarely updated carrd. Read it here.