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Zhalya Mearyn, also known by their Trollian  handle caffeinatedComposer , is a dual classpect  Seer /Knight of Light/Rage  and a fuchsia blood  Troll . Their extended zodiac  signs are Pipia, Sign of the Inquiring and Piborn, Sign of the Albatross .  Their horns are coral, that grew around and deformed what otherwise would have been traditionally shaped fuchsia blood horns, and eventually became a symbiote.  Zhalya joined in September 2019 and survived the scratch of September 2020. 


"Zhalya" (IPA : /'zal.ja/) is a Shinajhon Næçmarö name meaning "friend" or, in a broader sense "beloved". It was famously born by the head of the Llanajhon University and wife of the Queen of the Næçmar land of Llanajha

"Mearyn" (IPA : /mε.'ar.ɪn/) means "of many bloods" in Verelyon, from "mear", meaning "blood". It was the surname of Aleþen Fostieðin, the heir of Lodenþa, the Syndevril god of wisdom.  

The English pronunciation that Zhalya uses is /'zæl.jə 'mɛə̯ɹ.ɪn/ (ZAL-yə MAIR-in).  


Zhalya was not born on Alternia  but on a planet conquered by the Alternian Empire  under the rule of The Condesce . As a fuchsia blood , they are part of the Nautical Aristocracy. 

Zhalya has short dark hair with an undercut, has 3 ear piercings, and wears a silver ring on the right index finger although they sometimes like to have it on the left ring finger. They're 1.83m tall (about 6ft) without the horns, which are about 1m long (around 3.3ft), which makes them about 2,83m tall in total (or 9.3ft). 

Former profile picture, now inaccurate, by Mirima (

Zhalya used to be one of the Heiresses to the Alternian Throne, but shunned the title very early on.

Zhalya's strife specibus is bladekind. They primarily use three knives: Metsem (IPA : /'mε.tsεm/, meaning "Night" in Aśna), Kvalian (IPA : /'kva.ljan/, meaning "Splinter" in Shinajhon Næçmarö), and a kukri named Kālī (IPA : /kɑːliː/, from Sanskrit "kālī", feminine form of kālā, “black” ). 

Before entering the Medium , Zhalya died under mysterious circumstances, leaving a scar across their left eye. Saenor Tulsim , their session's jade blood  and former matesprit , revived them as a rainbow drinker . Upon entering, Zhalya arrives on their planet , the Land of Mushrooms and Prisms (LOMAP)

Land of Mushrooms and Prisms (LOMAP), Zhalya's planet in the medium (art by Mirima:


Zhalya is the host of a system (@chaoticAsymmetry [CA]) with four other headmates. 

Zhalya Mearyn[]

Sekmet Estrif[]

Tsaira Kayyal[]

Arwain Enoras[]


  • Pronouns: She/Her
  • Birthday: March 28th
  • Symbol: Black heart

System Trivia[]

The four handles' initials form the sequence C(C>C)(A>A)(T>T)A which, when getting rid of the letters in the middle, gives CA aka the system's handle's initials.

Two of the system's headmates, Sekmet and Tsaira, use the Extended Extended Zodiac, with four moons instead two, as used in Eternal Respite.

Umbra is the only alter that does not follow the pattern of having a troll self.

Session Players[]

Zhalya's session had 12 players. Not including themself, they were: 



Zhalya's typing quirk uses capitalisation and punctuation. They replace: 

  • "H/h" by ")("
  • "E" by "-E"
  • "S/s" by "5" (as a nod to their birthdate being 05/05)
  • "Q/q" by "?" (as a reference to their extended zodiac sign being the Sign of the Inquiring )
  • capital "W" by "VV"
  • "5" (the digit) by "five" (only when it may cause confusion)

They also use smilies that have a tiara and goggles, like "38)", and rarely use fish and nautical puns.  They sometimes use emoticons that use some sort of "v" shape, like ":>", as a nod the "s" being a "5", since "5" in Roman numerals is "V".  Whenever they use several punctuation signs, it is usually five of them (an ellipsis would be "....." instead of "...").  Zhalya cusses a lot but will occasionally censor "fuck" as "vuck".  Zhalya types in a shade of fuchsia called fandango instead of tyrian purple due to the fact it is too dark to be legible on most backgrounds. 


  • Zhalya entered the Medium at the age of 10 sweeps (22 Earth years). 
  • It is known for certain that their ancestor , Her Abstruse Calamity, is still alive despite the Condesce ruling the Alternian Empire . It is not known, however, where she is hiding. 
  • Zhalya is terrified of their dancestor .  
  • They rarely use fish and nautifcal puns and generally do so to reveal that they are being mischievous. 
  • Just like Feferi , Zhalya doesn't seem to feel the urge to murder other fuchsia bloods . On the contrary, they seem to instantly feel fond of them. 
  • Zhalya seems to instantly and unexplicably distrust indigo and purple bloods , despite acknowledging themself on several occasions that "Narka5 i5 actually pretty c)(ill". 
  • They really don't like clowns.  
  • Their denizen was Cetus , the denizen of Rose Lalonde and Vriska Serket − two Heroes of Light
  • Their lusus , Gl'bgolyb , was transferred from their home planet to Alternia to become Feferi 's lusus after their first death. 
  • Zhalya is the second Heiress ever to not have been culled after coming of age, not only due to them having shunned the title but also doing so as a rainbow drinker after their first death. The first one was Zephra , whose escape's circumstances are still unknown. 
  • Zhalya is a trans, non-binary, stone butch lesbian. 
  • They are a music producer/composer. Their main instruments are guitar, bass, and the piano. 
  • They are very interested in languages and linguistics.
  • The mushrooms on Zhalya's planet, are Tricholoma , a genus known as "Knight mushrooms" from the order Agaricales , also known as "gilled mushrooms". As such they are both a reference to their blood colour and one of their suspected classes . Prisms refract Light , Zhalya's aspect. The acronym of the planet's name (LOMAP) is also a nod to Zhalya being a Light player; maps being associated with treasure hunts and thus, indirectly, pirates, which in Homestuck is associated with Vriska Serket , another Light player. 
  • Zhalya is left-handed. 
  • They are a strong type one
  • Although they may have described Nataya as being their matesprit , Zhalya has stated several times in their current life that, "de5pite bein a literal troll , I don't do ?uadrant5". It seems their rebirth in this life came with a profound disconnect to most aspects of troll culture, and as such, matespritship could not accurately describe their relationship. 
  • Zhalya half-jokingly refers to their system as "The Bebop" in reference to Cowboy Bebop, due to the Bebop's crew consisting of four members (as the current system does) and the similarities mostly between Zhalya and Spike Spiegel and Tsaira and Edward. Arwain and Sekmet can be understood as respectively being Jet and Faye in only some aspects, but not strictly. This was before the reveal of Umbra as a fifth headmate.

Kin List[]

  1. Thuringwethil (from J.R.R. Tolkien 's The Silmarillion )
  2. Brimid (OC)
  3. Makoto Kino/Sailor Jupiter (from Sailor Moon )
  4. Haruka Ten'ō/Sailor Uranus (from Sailor Moon )
  5. Seiya Kou/Sailor Star Fighter (from Sailor Moon)
  6. Undyne (from Undertale )
  7. Alice Deane (from Joseph Delaney 's The Wardstone Chronicles )
  8. Utena Tenjō (from Shōjo Kakumei Utena )
  9. Sucy Manbavaran (from Little Witch Academia )
  10. Probably quite a few unnamed Elves and/or Maiar from J.R.R. Tolkien's legendarium (has kin memories of the Gardens of LórienAlqualondë, and Gondolin; possibly other places too). 
  11. Peridot (from Steven Universe)
  12. Oz (from Monster Prom)
  13. Kanamori (from Eizouken ni wa Te wo Dasu na! )
  14. Alucard (from Castlevania )
  15. Silver (from OneShot )
  16. Spike Spiegel (from Cowboy Bebop)
  17. ?????? Elwurd (from Hiveswap Friendsim )
  18. Space Dread (from Val And Isaac )
  19. Catra (from She-Ra and the Princesses of Power)
  20. The Last Stag (from Hollow Knight)
  21. Quirrel (from Hollow Knight)
  22. Void Given Focus (from Hollow Knight)
  23. Dave Strider (from Homestuck)
  24. Envy (from Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood)
  25. Edalyn "Eda" Clawthorne (from The Owl House)
  26. Amity Blight (from The Owl House)
  27. Kyōka Jirō (from Boku No Hero Academia)
  28. Kris (from Deltarune)
  29. Rouxls Kaard (from Deltarune)
  30. Damael Symora
  31. Badeline (from Celeste)(Sekmet's)
  32. Kaisuke (from Akira)
  33. Lake (from Infinity Train)
  34. Þurgeil Avælnaþ Ivelya (OC)(Umbra's)
  35. Sasha Waybright (from Amphibia)
  36. Mae Borowski (from Night in the Woods)